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Yes people, for all who haven’t noticed it yet; it’s SquareMile Coffee Roasters week at the shop. This means I have some awesome coffee on the grinders.

For starters, on espresso we are currently serving the Sweetshop Espresso blend. This blend is purely based on sweet coffee and is roasted to get the best sweet flavours out of the coffee. It consists of 70% of Ethiopia Kuchere and 30% of Kenya Gichathaini AB. It’s a sweet, bright and playful espresso and it is really doing well on the Synesso. I’ve dialed in a profile that I’m very proud of. It’s amazingly sweet as espresso but works also very well with milk. You can also buy 250gr packs for at home! I’ve got plenty of supply so don’t miss this one out!

On filter we are serving FRESH CROP 2013 Kenya. As you might know, I’m a big Kenya fan as it comes to filter. The Ndimaini AA has a heavy, syrupy texture complimented by a vibrant acidity and is full of blackcurrant jam, blackberry and cocoa notes, leaving a long, sweet aftertaste. Truly amazing.

Caffenation also didn’t let us down with FRESH BATCH of Little Green Bag and a new filter, the Kenya Zahabu AA with notes of blackcurrant, orange and sweetness. This one is a lot cleaner then the peaberry I had last time.

Plenty of good stuff, come on in and enjoy it!