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Freshly roasted coffee and homemade cakes and bakes.


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Filter: Kenya Nyeri Giakanja AA (250gr)

Posted on Aug 8 by

Giakanja is a cooperative and wetmill, collecting and processing coffee from the farms in the area, who are all smallholders rather than large estates. Nyeri County is...


Filter: Guatemala Canalaj de Medina (250gr)

Posted on Jul 13 by

Antonio Medina inherited the farm from his dad, who distributed his farm as smaller plots among all his children. Initially, Tony planted only basic grains like corn and beans....


Espresso: Brazil Capricornio Piraju (250gr)

Posted on Jun 7 by

Quality and consistency. It’s not easy when you’re a farmer, with changing weather and different circumstances on a yearly or even seasonal basis, to match the exact same flavor...


Shop rules

Posted on Dec 13 by

Het is zover; de webshop is online. In de shop kunt u de verschillende koffies bestellen die we op dit moment op voorraad hebben. De koffies kunnen afgerekend worden met iDeal en...