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WINNAAR Misset Horeca Koffie Top 100 2016


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Espresso: Rwanda Coko Honey Processed

Posted on Dec 4 by

Order here! Coko (CHO-co) washing station is located in the highest parts of the Gakenke District and run by the small, mainly female Twongerekawa Coko cooperative society. Coffee from Coko is from an unusually high altitude (2000+ masl), which translates into slowly ripened, juicy beans that have both a typically Rwandan black tea-like finish and sweet taste notes of ripe citrus. Over the past years, this coffee has become a classic for roasters around Europe, and they managed to create such popularity around the coffee so as to attract many other buyers in the last few years. As a result, since this year, Twongerekawa Coko managed to sell all its coffee to buyers who promote the coffee at CWS level – an increase of 40% since 2014! After creating three village lots in the 2017/2018 season, decided it was time for a change after years of just creating fully washed lots. With the aid of Abakundakawa and Misozi, They tweaked and perfected their first honey processed lot in 2018, which is an astonishing combination of washed and natural...


Espresso: Brazil Bota Foro Pulped Natural

Posted on Apr 9 by

Order here! The farm has remained in the same family for over 100 years. Since Francisco Teóphilo Reis Neto bought the land and the fazenda in 1900, ownership has passed through four generations of family. The current owner and manager, Maria de Fátima Silva Marques da Fonseca, is the latest in the family to care for the land. The farm can count on many years of expertise in quality production. Bota Fora has five permanent workers who have been working on the property for the last twenty years. For technical support, they can rely on the COCARIVE cooperative and Emater MG (a governmental organisation that provides assistance to farmers in Minas Gerais). These skilled teams of agronomists advise on the best planting techniques, cultivation systems, drying and conservation methods, the newest coffee processing machines and...


Filter: Peru Oscar Cruz Coronel, Cajamarca

Posted on Apr 9 by

Order here! Oscar comes from a community called Miraflores del Norte, which is located in Huábal. Huábal is a beautiful micro region with staggering altitudes that is only an hour drive away located from Jaén, the new coffee capital of Peru in the Northern region (mainly referred to as Cajamarca region). Since a few years this wider region is becoming more widely known for it outstanding qualities and mouthwatering flavor profiles. Especially the cup of excellence has contributed to this fame and the district is home to several finalists of the competition. In the surroundings of Miraflores del Norte, coffee farms reach up to 2000 meters above sea level and most of the coffee is grown with a minimum amount of shade. The coffee is characterised by elegant (yellow) fruity flavors, citric notes and some florals. Oscar has been a coffee grower for over 30 years now, and he is farming on the land that he has inherited from his parents. Together with his wife Lucia, he decided to focus on improving his coffee quality because “thanks to...


Filter: Kenya Kamwangi AB

Posted on Apr 9 by

Order here! In Kenya, we source our coffees in two ways. On one hand, we buy from direct, farm-level sourcing projects like the Slopes of 8 or single farmer projects like the Mwendia coffees. We access these directly through our local sustainability branch. The second way is the classic way, buying coffees through the weekly Nairobi Coffee Exchange.  This coffee from Kamwangi factory sit in the second category. Every week, the cupping team of our exporter Kenyacof cups through the entire catalogue of coffees on sale that week. Since the quality team is calibrated with ours, they know exactly which kind of coffees we need. Every year, 32cup travels to Kenya twice. On the first trip, during the harvesting season, they visit the producing partners to see first-hand how the season is coming along. During the second trip, in February, they cup through tables and tables of coffees, to narrow down the selection of coffees that were preselected for us. We aim at finding outstanding microlots, bursting with fruit flavours and acidity, as well as more accessible balanced profiles with...


Shop rules

Posted on Dec 13 by

Het is zover; de webshop is online. In de shop kunt u de verschillende koffies bestellen die we op dit moment op voorraad hebben. De koffies kunnen afgerekend worden met iDeal en Paypal. Spelregels: 1. De koffies worden VERS GEROOSTERD op elke dinsdag van de week. Bestellingen die voor dinsdag binnenkomen zullen worden verwerkt. Bestelt u op woensdag dan wordt de koffie pas de week erop verstuurd. 2. Bestellingen worden verzonden via PostNL. Kleine bestellingen worden per brievenbuspakket verzonden, grotere bestellingen per pakketpost. Shippingkosten worden verrekend per bestelling. 3. De koffie wordt verstuurd als BONEN, wij malen de koffie niet om de versheid te kunnen garanderen. Bij grotere bestellingen boven 2kg vragen wij om even contact op te nemen via de mail of even te bellen. Wholesale bestellingen worden eveneens elke dinsdag vers geroosterd en verzonden. Orders worden alleen per e-mail verwerkt. Betaling geschiedt per factuur of op afspraak afhankelijk van de...