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Filter: Peru Cajamarca Flor & Feli

Filter: Peru Cajamarca Flor & Feli

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The northern part of Peru, due to the Andes mountain range and its proximity to the equator, has a warm climate, fertile lands and dense vegetation. It is an area with great cultural wealth and full of traditions that the population has managed to preserve up to today. In that northern area, the Cajamarca region stands out for its diversity in geography, ranging from Andean ecosystems to high-altitude forests of great beauty. Cajamarca’s pastures are well known for providing a great environment for cattle to grow and producing delicious dairy products. It is very easy to fall in love with the gastronomy but also with the quality of the coffee here!

The province of Cutervo is known for its beautiful cloud forests, moors and dry forests protected by the Cutervo National Park. Lovers of adventure tourism and trekking would feel great in this environment. This park of more than 82,000 hectares is home to an ecosystem that provides food and water to more than 90,000 inhabitants of 7 micro-watersheds in the area. The most important resource is water and thanks to this a large part of the population can grow coffee. Also sugarcane production, rice, fruit trees and cattle for milk production and meat are common agricultural activities in this area. The local population acknowledges that tourist attractions such as the palm forest, cave-exploration and bird watching are beneficial to the community, bringing development and boosting the local economy.

Flor and Feli are not the names of two random women. They are daughter and mother. Felisinda “Feli” has grown coffee in the Sector El Campo together with her husband Pepe for 29 years. They started with a 0.5-hectare plot and today they not only have more than 4 hectares, but their children also have their own families and coffee farms.

Flor, daughter of Felisinda and Pepe, is 24 years old and has already formed a family with her partner and her 1 year and 3 month old baby. Flor has been growing coffee since she was 19 years old when Feli and Pepe decided to give her 0.5 of the already productive coffee. She has learnt how to manage her earnings well and now, in addition to that farm that her parents gave her, she has 3 more hectares that she has bought on her own. Flor has the purpose of giving her baby Emir a good life, so she is always looking for new ways to improve her income. She now has a nursery with 6,000 seedlings of the geisha variety that she hopes to plant in the coming months.

The mother and daughter farms are almost half an hour away on foot and they help each other whenever necessary. Flor tells us that she grew up around coffee. We would add that Fely raised Flor and her coffee together, as if they were siblings. It is always nice to take a look at the beautiful stories that coffee knows how to weave between us.

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