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Filter: Nicaragua Bethania Natural Anaerobic Maracaturra (250gr)

Filter: Nicaragua Bethania Natural Anaerobic Maracaturra (250gr)

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Bethania is a farm with one leg in traditional farming and one leg in innovative cultivation. This nano-lot is an example of the later.

Finca Bethania was found in 1991 in the heart of Dipilto, one of the best known coffee regions of Nicaragua. From 1930, as the current owners great-grandfather founded the first farm. His love and dedication to coffee of high quality has been preserved and passed on to the next generation.

Within their goal of being a producer that adheres to principles of sustainability and environmental protection, Finca Bethania not only recycles water used in the production process returning only clean water to the rivers, but also takes particular care in preserving the natural forest together with the ecosystem and wildlife. This resulted that since 2014, Finca Bethania is certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Coffee has been a tradition for Martha and Ana Ablir’s family for over 60 years. The family members share a passion for it and it has become a way of living for everyone in the family. After years of working with commercial coffee and seeing how the stock market prices were falling, they decided to try producing specialty coffee in order to create more security for themselves.

The big bean Maracaturra only grow on a small plot on the farm and this year Ana and Martha decided to make an anaerobic natural process to enhance the fruity flavours of the variety. Cherries are fermented in closed plastic buckets for 3-4 days before they dry on african beds for 15 days at Cafetos de Segovia dry mill in Ocotal. Cafetos de Segovia is also owned by Ana and Martha and started in the year 2015.

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