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Filter: Colombia Moises Chaguala Washed Pink Bourbon

Filter: Colombia Moises Chaguala Washed Pink Bourbon

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Moises Chaguala is a third-generation coffee producer with over 25 years of experience. He and his family live and farm coffee on Finca El Recuerdo and own and operate Finca La Maria. They’re focused on specialty coffee production and are working on improving their coffee quality to produce more specialty microlots. Their farm’s high altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level creates the ideal conditions to cultivate sweet, dense cherry.  

Moises has been producing specialty coffee in 2013 when he received Pink Bourbon seedlings and was encouraged to plant them. The variety originates from Ethiopia and has all the cup qualities of an Ethiopian and Colombian coffee together. Some reports indicate that Pink Bourbon has a higher sugar content, mainly glucose, leading to a sweeter coffee. Pink Bourbon has a stunningly high cup potential that wows coffee professionals and consumers alike. Its impressively high cup quality makes even more sense now that we understand Pink Bourbon is not simply a hybrid of two Bourbon varieties but traces to Ethiopian landraces. Its siblings include the highly-prized Geisha, which has consistently produced incredibly high cup scores. Pink Bourbon will continue to be a highly distinguished and valued variety.

Moises and his family selectively handpick ripe red cherry and process coffee on their farm. After sorting, cherry is laid to dry. Moises and his family rake cherry frequently to ensure even drying.  

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