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Espresso: Colombia Huila Ricardo Silva Pink Bourbon (250gr)

Espresso: Colombia Huila Ricardo Silva Pink Bourbon (250gr)

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In 2023, Osito purchased coffee from Ricardo for the first time. Situated half-way between Neiva city and Gigante, Ricardo's farm in Algeciras is placed at the fantastic elevation of 1900masl. Alongside growing Pink Bourbon he als grows a number of other varieties like Geisha, Colombia, Catarrh and others. He also experiments with Natural processing the coffee. I'm excited to have this coffee, since it has been recommended to my by my friend Stuart from Osito. 

The cherries are harvested when ripe and then washed. The cherries are allowed to ferment for 36 hrs prior to depulping. Once depulped the parchment is fermented for another 48hrs. Once fermentation is completed the parchment is dried on raised beds for 20-25 days with rotating the beans every two hours. 

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