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Our very first coffee ever from Peru comes from Oscar Cruz Coronel. We heard some very good stories from our roasting friends about Peru so we decided to buy some from Cultivar importers. Lisanne Oonk is doing great work here making sure that the coffee gets the attention it deserves. This fully washed lot had 15 days of drying, giving us vibrant citrus flavours, yellow tropical fruits and a floral honey taste.



Oscar comes from a community called Miraflores del Norte, which is located in Huábal. Huábal is a beautiful micro region with staggering altitudes that is only an hour drive away located from Jaén, the new coffee capital of Peru in the Northern region (mainly referred to as Cajamarca region). Since a few years this wider region is becoming more widely known for it outstanding qualities and mouthwatering flavor profiles. Especially the cup of excellence has contributed to this fame and the district is home to several finalists of the competition. In the surroundings of Miraflores del Norte, coffee farms reach up to 2000 meters above sea level and most of the coffee is grown with a minimum amount of shade. The coffee is characterised by elegant (yellow) fruity flavors, citric notes and some florals.

Oscar has been a coffee grower for over 30 years now, and he is farming on the land that he has inherited from his parents. Together with his wife Lucia, he decided to focus on improving his coffee quality because “thanks to coffee, I am taking my family forward,” he explains. “Especially with the specialty coffee I produce I can generate more income for our family, which allows us to pay for some of our children’s education expenses. I always do a selective harvest and I am pulping the cherries directly after harvesting,” he says. Then he lets his coffee ferment in an open tank but submerged in water for approximately 18 hours. When this process is finished, the parchment is washed with clean water and then dried. Oscar and Lucia have started investing in a drying structure, so to improve this post-harvest step as well.