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Diego is a big fan of the Harry Potter series, hence the name of the farm. Diego has studied microbiology and created his own strain of micro-organisms that he uses for his fermentation. Striped Bourbon is a wild mutation of the Red Bourbon and is recognized by striping marks on the skin of the red ripe cherry. This coffee is Natural processed, giving us a juicy coffee with notes of passionfruits, peach, spices and a lingering sweet aftertaste. Delicious. 



Deiro Garcia is one of the most innovative growers in Huila, he has a farm in Pitalito (Huila), and since he is a great fan of Harry Potter, he gave it a name that it will sure surprise you, Lord Voldemort, not only is the name crazy, but also his approach to coffee fermentation.

Deiro has been working with coffee processing for more than 3 years, he has done several tests with outstanding outcomes and has established a standard processing for the coffee on his farm. In the microbiology course taken, he learnt that certain bacteria and yeast strains can help produce distinct coffee profiles, therefore he decided to reproduce his own bacteria and yeasts using home-made ferments from different fruits and vegetables.

The Natural process used for this batch of Striped Bourbon is the traditional fermentation that takes place in cement tanks. It began with a hopper fermentation for 24 hours.