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Our special Geisha lot from Colombia has arrived. Jose Gregorio Calderon Parra works already since 2021 with Osito. When Osito asked me if I wanted some Geisha coffees I was a little reluctant, but when I tasted them I was immediately sold on the vibrant flavours of this Geisha coffee. Think amazing fruity peaches, with a tea-like finish and super sweet aftertaste. Great stuff!



Sr. Parra has been farming on Holanda farm for 14 years, but working with coffee for 26 years already. Sr. Parra is 56 years old and has four children. He lives with his daughter, Helen who is 13 and all his other children have left the house already.¬†Osito has been working with Sr. Parra since 2021 and we are thoroughly impressed with the expressive and exciting coffees he produces. He tells us that he often has problems with the transport of his coffee and worries a lot about where he can best store his coffee in order to maintain it’s high quality.

The farm is located in Huila, in the village of El Meson in the Garzon district. The farm rests at 1700 meters above sea level, the high altitude giving slower development but higher flavours in the coffee. The farm produces several varieties like Gesha, Tabi and Pink Bourbon.

Cherries are harvested when ripe and then held for 18 hours before being depulped. The pulped cherries are then fermented for 30 hours before washing. Coffee is left to dry for 25 days.