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Our new House espresso is a special one. Last time we had a coffee from Colombia was a while ago. Our friend Stuart Ritson offered us this lot through Osito Colombia. Gilardo Lopez Hoyos is one of the newer farmers. His attention to detail is phenomenal and it will come back in the cup. Pink Bourbon is new for us. The cups gave a lovely floral acidity, with white peach and sweet mouthfeel.



Gildardo is one of the newest farmers with whom Osito Colombia has been working and one of the very few new relationships amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Gildardo is also the first and only producer with whom we partner in the municipality of Paicol, in western Huila, near the shared border with Cauca. His attention to detail and eye-popping results on the cupping table have brought him deep into the fold of Osito and we’re so excited to work with him. Gildardo is a husband to Yolanda BolaƱos and father to four kids ranging in age from 17-22.

Cherries are harvested when ripe and then floated. Post-sorting the cherries are allowed to ferment for 30hrs prior to depulping. Once depulped the parchment is fermented for another 48hrs. Once
fermentation and washing is complete, the parchment is dried on raised beds for 20-25 days.