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This Brazil is an old friend of our shop.  When looking for a new house espresso and couldn’t find anything that was different, we decided to go for the old skool Brazil. This coffee is selected by COCARIVE in Brazil, farmers must meet quality standards before the even can sell greens to the co-op. Think this a s a classic Brazil, with notes of apple, almond, brown sugar and chocolate.



This regional Mantiqueira Mountains Yellow Bourbon blend is produced by several smallholder farmers who are members of COCARIVE cooperative in Carmo de Minas. Coffees are selected by quality and variety, and are processed by our partners at COCARIVE.

In order to be selected for their regional blends, farms must meet a set of quality criteria. The cup score target for this selection lies between 83 and 84. Balance and sweetness are the key features of this coffee.

There are a growing number of farms in Brazil that are focusing more on cup quality than volume. These farms approach growing, harvesting and processing with a great attention to detail. The altitude and volcanic soil in Brazil are prime conditions for growing the balanced, well-bodied coffees of Brazil. Wide, flat farms make mechanization easier and allow for reduced production costs, making Brazil one of the few countries with consistently comfortable margins in the face of low world prices.

The relatively flat landscape across many of Brazil’s coffee regions combined with high minimum wages has led most farms to opt for mechanical harvesting over selective hand-picking. In the past, this meant strip-picking was the norm; however, today’s mechanical harvesters are increasingly sensitive, meaning that farms can harvest only fully ripe cherries at each pass, which is good news for specialty-oriented producers. Ripe coffee is picked using a derricadeira – a sort of mechanised rake that uses vibration to harvest ripe cherry. A tarp is spanned between coffee trees to capture the cherry as it falls.

After harvesting, cherry is pulped and laid to dry in the sun on concrete patios.