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This Costa Rica comes through our friend Per Nordby from Gothenburg. We finally have some Costa Rica coffee in our roastery and this is the first of two. This is a variety blend of Geisha, F1Hybrid and SL28. F1 is a planned mutation of arabica and robusta, made to be more resistant to coffee diseases. Think red apple and berries, winey and cherries with creamy soft mouthfeel.



Nestor Hernandez is a bank man, working in financing in many years but recently retired. He bought the land for his farm many years ago and had coffee farming as a hobby, until now. Not needing the coffee as an income, he took the opportunity to focus on quality and variety. As a connoisseur and coffee drinker, he found what varieties he enjoyed most and decided to plant these. As a bank man, he also looked at the numbers, to find what varieties would be best to invest in. Hence, Geisha, SL28 and Milenio F1. With a small crop from each variety, he decided to mix them all together and make this lot.

The location in Santo Tomas is chosen not only because of the altitude and the volcanic soil. The view is stunning – you can see the whole Central Valley from the farm. Weather is wet, moist and relatively cold, with a constant breeze coming in from the Atlantic. This makes it hard to dry the coffees on the farm, but Nestor is stubborn and makes it happen. His coffee cherries are picked ripe and floaters are removed before coffee is placed on african beds. After pulping, coffee is dried slowly with muscelage on african beds for 35 days.