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Our first Guatemala of the season is one in the Special Series. We have this very rare Honey Processed lot through our friends at Primavera. In a country where 99% of all coffees are washed this is very special. Primavera shared knowledge about the Honey Processing, resulting in experiments with these difficult methods. This red catuai has notes of strawberry and cream, with brown sugar sweetness.



Over the last four years Primavera Coffee Importers have been working with their  Guatemalan Producers on creating processes and perfecting standards to ensure we can get great coffees from the very difficult Natural and Honey Processes.
In a country where 99% of the coffees are washed – this first of all took a lot of convincing. Trust is a big element in the process so that they could get the producers to experiment, which began with very small quantities and ensuring they took notes of drying times, temperature and positioning of the raised beds, in order to cup each lot and give them real time feedback.

As water supplies in the world become scarce, it is important to look into alternative processing methods with less water waste. Guatemala’s farmers in their fragile ecosystems understand the need for conservation. Primavera has two agronomists and two Q Processing professionals on the team who have started sharing information about the natural and honey processing methods. We hope that this work will benefit the producers we work with long-term.

This year we are proud to offer this special selection of honey and natural Guatemalan coffees – it was an amazing harvest due to very dry weather during which allowed even and consistent drying.  We continuously learn from each harvest, making changes and improvements to the profile so that we can make ever better coffees alongside our producers and importing partners.