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The northern part of Peru, thanks to the Andes mountain range and its proximity to the equator, has a warm climate, fertile lands and dense vegetation. It is an area with great cultural wealth and full of traditions that the population has managed to preserve up to today. In that northern area, the Cajamarca region stands out for its diversity in geography, ranging from Andean ecosystems to high-altitude forests of great beauty. Cajamarca’s pastures are well known for providing a great environment for cattle to grow and producing delicious dairy products. It is very easy to fall in love with the gastronomy but also with the quality of the coffee here!

The Puente Solaya lot comes from the Callayuc district in the Cutervo province, where cultivation of coffee is recent, especially in the populated centers. This year Cultivar has started to work with two communities and in a certain way our collaboration started by coincidence. It all began with their search for one specific coffee grower who is called Susy. They tasted her coffee last year and were very impressed. Determined to find her and get in touch Dreyde and Lisanne stepped on the motorcycle and drove 2.5 hours to the Callayuc district while asking people in the area if they knew her and where she could live. And they did find her! Not only was her coffee great again, we also shared the story of our search when we came back to our coffee warehouse in Jaén and colleague Goti said: “But my husband comes from the neighboring community!” Cultivar got very motivated to meet more growers and establish a relationship with them, so Goti’s husband joined them in his community again and introduced them to his family and neighbors. This was a great help in immediately establishing a certain level of trust.

Only in a few weeks time, we received many bags and selected the highest scoring coffees for this micro lot. And the name “Puente Solaya”? In Spanish, ‘puente’ means bridge and Solaya is the hill separating the two communities where we have sourced this lot. This hill is a great metaphor of a link, a nexus, a bridge (“puente”) between both communities that share a great coffee potential and people with great hospitality. We are very pleased that you are becoming part of this collaboration too, by enjoying this coffee and creating a new bridge for sharing the stories behind and the unique flavors of this coffee.