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Graciano Cruz hooked me up with my dream coffee. This is one of my most anticipated coffees. In 2011 I tasted this coffee for the very first time. It always stayed in my mind as ‘the Strawberry Coffee’ and I was determined to have it in the roastery at least once. This Natural should have lots of fruity notes like berries, strawberry, chocolate body, intense florality and sweet finish.



In 2011 I visited SOK, a summertime espresso lab in Amsterdam by Sander, Onno and Kees (hence; SOK). Kees roasted some amazing coffee, the Panama Los Lajones and I remembered this coffee every since. It was amazingly sweet, like strawberries and I was determined to buy it for myself when the time comes. Now finally my dream comes true. The farm is located on the slopes of the Baru volcano and covers a total of 160 hectares. 100 of them are a state park, 60 are for coffee plantations. The Al native shade trees protect the Pacamara, Catuai and Gesha fields with new experimental SL28, Laurina and Bourbons which will yield fruit in 2 years. The family bought the farm 25 years ago and is the highest located coffee farm in Panama. The lower parts were planted with Catuai and Caturra, later with Geisha. Now three generations of family are working together on the farm, making sure quality is controlled in the on-site QC lab. The farm was the first farm in Panama producing only Naturals and Honey processed coffees. Anaerobic fermentation techniques yielded very good results for the last eight years.