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It’s been a while that we had coffee from Colombia. The reason is quite simple; we didn’t find anything special. However, our friend Stuart from Osito guided us towards this gem. We bought plenty of it so this will be the next house espresso. This Malla is a blend of several microlots that didn’t yield a full bag. Expect a floral coffee, with notes of sugarcane and apple/pear sweetness.



This coffee was offered to our friends from Osito. Their QC Europe guy Stuart (who actually lives and works in Groningen) brought this coffee to my attention.

Some of you may look at our offering list and wonder what the lot is that we refer to as Malla 14 “Peaberry.” These are regional blends built from various lots that don’t fit perfectly into 70kg sacks. By that, we mean, if we buy 500kg of dry parchment from a farmer, that will yield just about five and a half 70kg sacks of exportable green coffee. However, it only makes sense for us to export the five complete bags. What happens with the remaining half bag? Well, most exporters will sell this coffee on the local market along with all the other remaining coffees from milling (more often than not, at a loss) in order to avoid the headache of trying to export odd amounts. Here Osito have elected to go a different route. At the end of milling each container, they combine the remaining Screen 15+ coffees (Excelso) into one lot (usually 2-5 bags) as well as ALL of the Screen 14/Peaberry coffees (which commonly don’t get exported at all unless as UGQ) into another lot. More often than not, based on harvest schedules throughout Colombia, these lots are primarily composed of coffees from concentrated areas. Osito can provide a relatively high level of traceability, yet we understand why these coffees aren’t the most marketable – which our pricing reflects. With that said, these coffees are often quite high scoring (as odd as it might sound) with very interesting and complex flavors.