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Kenya Kirinyaga Kiangombe is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Kiangombe Factory (wet mill) located in Kirinyaga County, Kenya, a growing region in the fertile foothills of Mount Kenya. The Farmers Cooperative Society manages the Kiangombe Factory, which processes cherry from members who generally cultivate around 250 coffee trees on half-acre plots. With the harvest coming from small parcels, cherry classification is the most critical variable for ensuring cup quality. Small plots give these producers more control to strategically pick and deliver only the ripest cherry to the factory. Additional cherry sorting is also done at the factory before the coffee is depulped, fermented and washed. After the coffee is washed, it’s soaked in fresh water for long periods of time to solidify the hallmark Kenyan profiles.

This coffee is a classic Kenya coffee and not only for acidic junks; the coffee has a fantastic creaminess and tonloads of different flavors. Every time you drink a cup, you discover new things The coffee is named after the coffee factory which is located in the village of which it was named after. The fermentation of the coffee beans is done with fresh river water from the Mukengeria River, and then the coffee is sun dried on raised beds.