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Kenya Ichuga AB, like many known Kenyan coffees, is a stand-out, cooperative coffee. The blend of Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34 varieties, which is the total production of Kiama Cooperative members, has undertaken the washing process of this coffee at Ichuga Station in Nyeri region.

After the cherries are picked, they are delivered to the station. Before the fermentation process, underripe and overripe are separated. After cherry sorting, the cherries are separated from their skins with a separator and the seeds are left to ferment while they are on the mucilage. At the end of the fermentation, the mucilage is cleaned with the washing process and the coffees are taken to the drying process in general around 14 days, although it varies according to the climatic conditions in the raised beds. At the end of the drying process, the parchments are cleaned and packaged.