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It is immediately apparent that this Natural from Fazenda Bom Sucesso is the product of the hard work and care of two incredible individuals, Jose Vitor Luz and his partner and wife Luiza. The two invest time and attention into their farm every single day. It shows in the high-quality coffee they produce.

Before owning Fazenda Bom Sucesso, Jose Vitor Luz worked for many years as a farm manager. In 1999, after consulting with his wife, Luiza, the couple decided to purchase their own farm. Always maintaining a positive outlook, the two work on the farm year-round, striving to continuously improve the quality of their coffee.  

In addition to their daily work on the farm, Jose and Luiza love to host their friends at their home. They often have friends over to have a cachaça (a popular Brazilian spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice) and eat a roasted chicken that had been raised on their own land. Their table is also filled with a wide variety of tropical fruits from the orchard they cultivate on their land in addition to coffee trees.