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Thunguri Factory (the name for wet mills in Kenya) receives cherry from 1,095+ producers who farm on the land surrounding the factory in Karatina, Kirinyaga County. Thunguri Factory is managed by Kibirigwi Farmers’ Cooperative Society.

Smallholders handpick ripe cherry and deliver it to the factory that day. At intake, cherry is meticulously sorted. All sorting is overseen by the cherry clerk, who ensures that only ripe, undamaged cherry Is received. Once sorted, cherry is pulped on the factory’s disc pulper and then density sorted. Pulped cherry is fermented for 16 to 24 hours. Skilled staff oversee fermentation, checking regularly to ensure fermented is halted at just the right moment. After fermentation, cherry is washed in fresh water and then soaked in clean water for a further 24 hours. Wet parchment is moved to raised drying beds, where it will sundry for 7 to 15 days. Staff sort drying parchment to remove any remaining defective beans and turn parchment constantly to promote even drying.