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As you might know, starting 01of June we re-open the shop. We have some information for you regarding the re-opening.

The following ‘rules’ will apply starting June 1st, however we also follow the basic rules as stated by the government that already everyone knows.

  • NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED since we only have limited capacity
  • When you come to the shop, please be so kind to let us know. We will then ask you some questions about your health and with how many guests you are in total.
  • From there we will assign you a table. Please stay at the designated table, don’t move from one table to another table.
  • It is ALLOWED to sit with two persons at one table, without the recommended 1,5mtr distancing.
  • If you are with more than 2 persons, but you live in the same household (ie. a family) you can sit at one of our designated family tables.
  • If you are with more than 2 persons , but you DON’T live in the same household (ie. friends, student housing) you are NOT ALLOWED to sit with the group at one table. You have to split the group over multiple tables.
  • We will take your order at the table, making sure we don’t have a lot of unnecessary movement in the shop.
  • We will minimise the contact time with you and your guests (if applicable) as much as possible.
  • Please don’t sit at the table for hours and hours, but enjoy your coffee and then give other guests the opportunity to have a seat.
  • Tables and menu’s will be disinfected with high quality cleaning after each visit.
  • We will serve the drinks in porcelain and glassware, it will be cleaned sufficiently with high standards of hygiene.
  • We will look after our own personal hygiene, we hope you do so as well.
  • Please look after each other and yourself. We want you to enjoy our coffees in the most relaxed way as possible.