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Don Reginaldo started working as a child in the coffee farms of his family. As a 24 year old he bought his first farm of 4mz.
Together with his wife they had 5 children before they needed to leave Nicaragua during the war of the eighties. In December 1990 they returned and started working on the farm again, production was really low in the first couple of years after being abandoned for such a long time. With the price drop in the end of the nineties, his children decided to go and work in other industries but don Reginaldo kept working in his farm and was even in the possibility to acquire some more manzanas of neighbours. 5 years later he won second place in the Cup of Excellence. At that time he seperated part of the farm amongst two of his sons, José Ramon and Luis Antonio, to which he gave 5mz each. Roberto in the mean time studied agronomy and bought his own small farm, he has now taken the lead over the main farm Las Nubes. El Amparo is under the name of José Ramon and La Montañita is Luis Antonio’s.
But more than anything this is a family business, José Ramon for example has the wet mill on his property which is used by the whole family.