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There you go. The new logo is online.
Why did we decide to change the logo? The thing is that you couldn’t see what we are doing and what we stand for when you looked at the old logo design. When I started two years ago, I drew the old logo on a piece of paper, photographed it and sent it to a good friend. He made it digital and we used it for a ‘starter logo’ and see how things were going. Now that we are turning two on the 2nd of August, I wanted to inprove my look to the outside window, so people could see what we are and what we stand for; we are Independent and we are Coffee Specialists. We also Specialize in Independent Coffee. This is how we roll and now you know.

I’m also planning on something else but you will see that later. In the mean time, we are improving our look and feel of how we serve our coffee. This will come in small steps and you will notice it.