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Freshly roasted coffee and homemade cakes and bakes.


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Espresso: Burundi Kayanza Nemba (250gr)

Posted on Jan 11 by

Located in the north of Kayanza province, Nemba washing station receives cherry from over 1,000 smallholder producers cultivating coffee in the ideal climate at 1,700+ meters...


Filter: Kenya Kiama Ichuga AB (250gr)

Posted on Dec 20 by

Kenya Ichuga AB, like many known Kenyan coffees, is a stand-out, cooperative coffee. The blend of Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34 varieties, which is the total production of Kiama...


Shop rules

Posted on Dec 13 by

Het is zover; de webshop is online. In de shop kunt u de verschillende koffies bestellen die we op dit moment op voorraad hebben. De koffies kunnen afgerekend worden met iDeal en...