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Th is the third year we ordered this Rushashi coffee and are still blown away by it’s awesomeness. Think tea-like notes with citric flavours of bergamot and raisin sweetness.




Rushashi serves as a prime example of how Rwandan cooperative societies can independently attract foreign buyers by constantly improving quality and operating sustainably. Their coffee is unforgettably complex and clean – it’s no surprise that they frequently earn a place in the Rwanda Cup Of Excellence competition (highest: 3d place!). For three years now, This Side Up’s premium has been invested in Rushashi’s financial independence from rural banks by the cooperative’s members.

The coffee is fully washed and triple fermented: all coffee is hand picked, depulped, dry fermented for 12 hours, double wet fermented (2 x 18 hours), washed with mountain water, shade dried, then sun dried on raised beds.

We also have a Natural version of the Rushashi, however this is VERY LIMITED and will be presented in a box for you with a bag of washed Rushashi.