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Our first bags of direct trade Nicaragua are in house. We ordered this one from the Almendarez family in Dipilto, where we get our Nicaragua coffee from. Maracaturra is a hybrid, consisting of Maragogype and Caturra. This Natural lot has been made specifically for us. We think we found a great profile, with sweet fruity notes like pineapple and mango and gets syrupy sweet when cooling.



We don’t have specific info about this coffee, since this one is a bonus from our friends in Nicaragua. Expocamo hit us up with this variety.¬†Maracatu(rra) is a Brazilian hybrid of large bean Maragogype and Caturra. It is thought to have occurred naturally in the late 1800s. ¬† It can mainly be found in Brazil, El Salvador and Nicaragua. It has big leaves and berries. In terms of taste Maracaturra has strong and with diverse, mature fruity acidity