Filter: Ethiopia Kochere Natural


This Kochere Natural is received quite well with other roasters, so well it is already almost sold out. However we managed to get our hands on 120kgs of this coffee. It is the first one in a line of a couple of naturals we pre-ordered, so expect to see more naturals coming this way. Cupping notes will follow as soon as first tests have been made.

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Kochere is one of the woredas in the Gedeo zone of the SNNPR region in Ethiopia. The coffee-famous township of Chelelektu also lies in the Kochere woreda. A few kilometers to the north lies an even more famous coffeetown – Yirgacheffe. Coffees from this region are known for their unique floral characteristics. Coffee growers have been growing coffee here for so long that the high qualities aren’t a lucky shot. Their cultivation and processing traditions highlight the terroir and heirloom varietals’ attributes in the beans. Coffees are usually passively organic, without certification, because producers don’t have easy access to pesticides. Because qualities and lots in Ethiopia basically are a bulk blend with limited traceability, every lot from one same region is different from another. Every micro-region has a huge, uncharted range of genetically different varieties. This also contributes to the variation in cup characteristics.

This is the second time we offer the Ethiopian Kochere natural lot. It was one of our surprise lots last year, it seemed to get only better over time! A solid choice for a richly fruity and floral constant in your cup!