Filter: Kenya Kamwangi PB


We have good experience with peaberry coffees from Kenya and when we cupped it we were very pleased with it. We like it that it is a bit out of the ordinary, thing sweet cane sugar aroma with tones of red currant and pink grapefruit. When it cools it will get sweeter and more intense. Enjoy!



Kamwangi PB

This is an AA lot from Kamwangi Factory in Kirinyaga. Coffee here is grown around 1600-1800 masl on the slopes of Mt Kenya. The rich volcanic soil helps bring out the rich flavors in the coffee. The water for the washing station comes from nearby Nyamindi river. Kamwangi also have a water recirculateion system set up as well as eight waste water soaking pits to help minimize the environmental impact.

We got this coffee through Gothenburg hero Per Nordby. He offers this coffee in the ‘regular’ AA to his guests. We had good experiences with the Kenya peaberries in the past (Kangocho PB for instance) and we wanted to offer this coffee to our guests. Later this month we will roast the amazing Weithanga from the Muranga region aswell and will offer them side by side.