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Just like the Chelelektu we decided to keep this one in the warehouse for ripening. We have high expectations from it as it will be our next special espresso after the Chelelektu. We are still experimenting with it, but expect asweet cup with notes of citrus and peach, combined with a chocolate finish. We love this coffee and we hop to get more from it in the next season.

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Guji is a zone in the Oromia region in the south of Ethiopia. Just like the rest of the coffee growing zones of Ethiopia, Guji lies at high altitude and has rich volcanic soils. Coffee production takes place on smallholder farms at an elevation between 1850 and 2000 meters above sea level. Coffees from Guji have clear Ethiopian cup characteristics, but the profile is more chocolate-spice forward than the high-toned, fruity Sidamo and Yirgacheffe coffees. This makes it a perfect option for espresso roasts or blends. The coffee has an overall balanced profile with sweet fruit notes and balanced acidity. Next to the more floral and citrus profiles of the Chelelektu and Yirgacheffe profiles, and the rich fruit-forward profile of the natural Kochere, this profile greatly complements our selection from Ethiopia for the 2017 season.