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The first Guatemalan coffee in two years. We got the bags of Simeon Palacios through Primavera Coffee. It has been a while since we had Guatemala. The country suffered a massive infection of coffee leaf rust, also known as Roja. Finally we can enjoy high quality Guatemalan coffees again. This one caught our eye for it’s cupping notes. Expect floral orange notes in aroma and taste with almonds, cane sugar and a massive sweetness. We are sooooo lucky!



Coffee produced in the Huehuetenango highland region sets itself apart from the typical Guatemalan taste profile. It is one of the three non-volcanic regions in Guatemala that are recognised by Anacafé. The Cuchumatanes Mountains that define Huehuetenango’s topography have a limestone soil, with a relatively high soil pH. Coffea arabica can grow in a wide range of acidic soils from acidic (pH4) to neutral (pH7). This is partly explained by the solubility of nitrogen, one of coffee’s most important macronutrients, which is most soluble in soils with pH from 4 to 8. Soil acidity determines the solubility of nutrients. They have to remain soluble long enough to travel all the way down the soil to the roots of the plants. It also affects the decomposition of mineral rock into elements that the plants can use.

The coffee growing altitude in Huehuetenango is the highest in the country. Coffee can grow here up to 2000 meters without frost damage, thanks to the warm winds blowing off the Mexican plains. The coffee harvest takes place from January to April. Varieties in the region are Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon.

This lot from Simeon Palacios came to us through Primavera Coffee, a new small importing company with very good connections to the farms. We are proud of serving it to you.