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This is our first direct trade Rwanda of 2018. We really love Rwanda coffees for its complexity and flavor. Sometimes the potato defect peeks around the corner, but the washing station invested in new equipment and made the risk of potato a lot smaller. The region around lake Kivu has some of the best circumstances to grow coffee, with great soils and altitude and the favorable rainfall. We roasted this coffee for filter because we really liked the sweet raisin taste, together with berries and a sweet spicy brown sugar finish. The cup is clean as a whistle and has a balanced acidity. Love it!

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Just like Macuba, Karambi is one of the washing stations that make part of the same international coffee group as 32cup. This vertical integration gives us unique insights in the whole coffee season in Rwanda, from the very start of the season until the export, and every production step in between. Karambi is located in the sector with the same name in the Nyamasheke district, Western province. The altitude in the region starts at 1700 and goes up to 2000m. The Nyamasheke district has the highest concentration of washing station in the entire country. The region lies along the Kivu lake. Growing conditions are optimal here with good altitude, great soil, favourable rainfall – basically everything to produce the best coffees. Which obviously explains the high number of washing stations here!