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The best Guatemalan coffee from last year. We have some bags of this coffee through our friends at 32Cup in Antwerp. They had two lots; one regular lot and a small regional lot, the Mam. We chose this lot because of the fine characteristics of the coffee. Think winey notes, with an intense sweetness and hints of black grape. Because of these notes, this will be our house espresso for this period of time.



A mainstay in our coffees from Guatemala are the Huehuetenango and Mam regional blends. The Mam selection is a micro-region specific lot that was collected from sixty smallholder producers around La Libertad and San Pedro Necta municipalities in the Huehuetenango region. Descendants from the Mam indigenous group inhabit the region, hence the name of the coffee. In this area, coffee is cultivated at 1500 meters and above. The harvest takes place from January to March, at some of the highest altitudes in the region. At the highest altitudes, the harvest even extends into April!

The farms that produce the Mam coffee receive little exposure to direct sunlight, as the region is covered by a thick blanket of clouds in the afternoon. High altitudes and low temperatures make for a slow development of the cherries, which shows in the rich cup profile of the coffee. It has a more pronounced winey cup profile than our regular Huehuetenango regional coffee, which is bright and crisp with a more balanced sweetness. Our exporter’s quality team specifically screens the coffees they take in at their mill on this particular cup profile, just because it is so specific. Producers get paid a premium for this profile, as the cup profile fetches a higher cup score.