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Burundi coffees are now in season, giving us great results on espresso. Last year, the Masha was one of our best filters we ever had in the shop and this espresso will be our next house espresso for some time. We enjoy roasting it, but haven’t tested it yet. Flavor notes will come soon!




Nemba washing station lies in the northern province of Kayanza. This region is one of Burundi’s coffee regions with the best quality reputation. Kayanza owes this reputation to its high elevations, rich red soils and dedicated producers. Yet, optimal growing conditions alone aren’t enough to produce a high-quality coffee. This is where Nemba coffee washing station and its management come into play.

Nemba washing station is part of a group of washing stations, managed by Greenco. Each washing station is managed and lead by an agronomist. He oversees the implementation of good agricultural practice and farmer education. He collaborates with the producers to ensure they have access to the necessary farming tools. The agronomist also helps farmers determine and implement the practices best suited to the specific growing conditions of their farming plots. Nemba uses a monitoring system to ensure traceability all along the production and processing chain. All 3000 producers are smallholders owning an average of 330 coffee trees. The farms delivering cherry to Nemba are all located around 1700m near the Kibila forest. Just like its neighbour country Rwanda, Burundi is planted with Bourbon, producing vibrantly fruity cups. The washing station has over two hundred drying tables and can process up to 750 metric tons of coffee cherry.

Greenco is the company that oversees the functioning of Nemba washing station. At a washing station and farm level, the company aims to increase coffee productivity and quality through financial investment, a strong professional team of agronomists and focus on cherry selection. They also further handle the dry parchment once it is fully dried. They mill and grade the coffee to prepare it for export.