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Nordic Approach hooked us up with this awesome central. Costa Rica is one of our favourite Central origins and we specifically like the honey processed crops from Tarrazu. Luis Picado started the farm in 2016 with his wife after working for many years in Hawaii at Kona farm. This Honey gives us funky tasting notes like tangerine, apple, plums and pear. It is delicate and bright. Whoop!



Luis comes from a coffee producing family, he grew up in Tarrazú and his parents were coffee farmers. In 2007 Luis traveled to Kona, Hawaii to work to be able to help his family financially. For his surprise he ended up working in a coffee farm in Hawaii, there is were his curiosity in specialty coffee started, even though he grows coffee since he was 15 years old. Two years ago Luis and his wife Rosemary started with the idea of processing their own coffee themselves, both of them come from coffee grower families and have been working in coffee since they were children. Because of the legacy and the passion Luis and his wife have for this activity they decided to start Montanas de Oro micro-mill in 2016. They involved their three children in this project and have been processing small lots with their help. Last year they did some small tests and gave us some samples, but it wasn’t until this year that we purchased a small lot from them.


The coffee is picked at Luis’ farm with the selection and sorting of only the ripe cherries to achieve a better taste and quality cup profile, after this the coffee is transported to the wet mill, where they mechanically process and demucilage the cherries, for this lot they remove half of the mucilage. The whole family works at the mill and they distribute the different tasks they have to do, for example during the drying stage in the raised beds Luis’ kids are in charge of moving the beans during the day, every 30 minutes for an approximate period of 12 to 15 days, during this period several tests of humidity are made, when the moisture is at 10.5% is ready to packed in grainpro and polypropylene bags.