Filter: Colombia Pozo Azul, Nariño


This is the second year we have this coffee. It really impressed us on the cupping table, changing constantly it’s flavour profile. Expect a sweet chocolatey aroma, a soft cane sugar mouthfeel in the beginning but when it cools the stone fruit and citrus comes up. It is very clean, well balanced and has a soft mouthfeel that gets you begging for more.


Product Description

The farm Pozo Azul is located on 2100 masl in the hilly district of Nariño. The coffee trees grows among platano, orange and lemon trees. There is not an inch of flat land on the farm so the best way to get there is by horse. Jorge Mera runs the farm and his son Jorge Esteban takes care of the export from Pozo Azul, as well as from other farms in the area. This is the second year we got this coffee from Per Nordby from Gothenburg. We like his transparency regarding produce but also by trading the coffee.