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Coko (CHO-co) is something we had on the radar for a while. As you might know, we are big fans of coffees from Burundi and Rwanda. This coffee comes from the same producing co-op as the Rushashi. Coko has it’s own style of Honey processing with short dry fermentation for 12 hrs, then washing for 18 hrs. This gives the coffee notes of cherries, tangerine and strawberry. We roast this only for espresso. Enjoy!



Coko (CHO-co) washing station is located in the highest parts of the Gakenke District and run by the small, mainly female Twongerekawa Coko cooperative society. Coffee from Coko is from an unusually high altitude (2000+ masl), which translates into slowly ripened, juicy beans that have both a typically Rwandan black tea-like finish and sweet taste notes of ripe citrus.

Over the past years, this coffee has become a classic for roasters around Europe, and they managed to create such popularity around the coffee so as to attract many other buyers in the last few years. As a result, since this year, Twongerekawa Coko managed to sell all its coffee to buyers who promote the coffee at CWS level – an increase of 40% since 2014!

After creating three village lots in the 2017/2018 season, decided it was time for a change after years of just creating fully washed lots. With the aid of Abakundakawa and Misozi, They tweaked and perfected their first honey processed lot in 2018, which is an astonishing combination of washed and natural flavours.