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Sometimes, great coffees finds us, instead of us finding them. Every year, thousands of samples come at the Trabocca office in Amsterdam. In December 2013, during a blind cupping, they found this washed Yirgacheffe from a small washing station in the Kochere region. The coffee stood out because of its pronounced aroma of peach, mango, and other stone-fruits. Reko washing station is named after Reko-Mountain, a tall and skinny mountain that towers above the hills of Kochere. Reko, translated in Afaan Oromo, means challenge. It refers to the challenge of climbing the Reko-mountain.

According to the Reko-team, the success of the washing station is threefold. First and foremost, the training and education of staff and suppliers. A good protocol can only be implemented by equipped staff members and farmers. Testi Coffee gives pre-harvest training to all partners. Secondly, good selection and separation; only red cherries are selected, and processed coffees are kept separate by harvesting-time (early, mid, late), and geographical area (Onancho, Debo, Shashamene, Hamma, Beloya). Finally, monitoring and control; Reko-lots are assigned to professional site managers, whom, with their vast experience in coffee processing, control every aspect of Reko-lots from cherry to warehouse delivery, anticipating on changes and separating deviating lots.