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New menu is on!

Posted by on Mar 30, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Before the weekend started we have changed the menu introducing nice cold drinks made with coffee. You absolutely should try the Cold Drip shots or drinks. These drinks are made with the aid of the Yama coffee dripper, where we make an elixer out of coffee and then using cold water to make a very soft extraction. This process takes between 6-10 hours, depending on the coffee and drip speed. If you want to see this in action, just come on by. It is placed straight on the bar when you come...

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Coffees from Berlin

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Last weekend I was in Berlin with my father for a couple of days and we spent some time in the hip Berlin coffeescene. I’ve also managed to take some coffees with me so I’ll be laying them out for you.Bonanza Coffee Heroes and the guys from the Barn really hooked me up with some fine Kenya and Costra Rica for filter and some nice espresso from Ethiopia and Costa Rica. They both tasted amazing in the shop and will be on the grinders this...

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